Learn Japanese through Dialogues - On a Date

Learn Japanese through Dialogues - On a Date PDF Author: Clay Boutwell
Publisher: Kotoba Inc
Category : Foreign Language Study
Languages : en
Pages : 135

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Book Description
Finally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese! We are including, at no extra charge, sound files and Anki decks for all the dialogues found in this book. Listen on demand with the QR codes found in the book or download the files to your computer. The download link is found on the last page. Bonus content Download sound files for all dialogues Free Anki flashcard deck of each line Seven dialogues in various beginning conversation settings The dialogues are presented naturally and all in Japanese. This may be too fast for you at first but try listening to it a few times to attune your ears. As you master the vocabulary and understand the grammatical points mentioned in the book, you may find what was difficult upon first hearing is easy the second (or tenth!) time around. The bonus files also includes a free Anki flashcard deck with the phrases found in this book. The book itself contains the dialogue with the English translation, but it also adds cultural and grammatical notes to help you understand the dialogue in context. Contents: Dialogue One: Asking Someone Out on a Date Dialogue Two: Let's Go to the Movies Dialogue Three: Rejected! (At a Party) Dialogue Four: Meeting Someone for a Date Dialogue Five: Conversation while a Date Dialogue Six: Sharing Movie Interests Dialogue Seven: Saying Goodbye