Methods of Analysis for Petrochemicals

Methods of Analysis for Petrochemicals PDF Author: Edwin Robert Littmann
Category : Science
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CONTENTS - Distillation of Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel and Similar Products - Vacuum Distillation - Distillation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Determination of High-Boiling Fractions in Isopropyl Ether - Test for Light Ends in Isobutylene and Similar Products - Flash Point by the Tag Closed Tester (Abel Flash Point) - Flash and Fire Points by the Cleveland Open Cup (Marcusson Flash Point) - Flash Point by the Pensky-Martens Closed Tester - Determining the Nonvolatile Matter in CTLA Polymers - Rapid Method for Comparative Evaporation Rates of Solvents - Gravity of Petroleum Products by the Hydrometer - Specific Gravity by Means of the Pycnometer - Viscosity Determination by the Saybolt Viscometer - Determination of the Kinematic Viscosity of Petroleum Products by Glass Viscometers - Color of Petroleum Products by the Tag-Robinson Colorimeter (Color Stability of Lubricants) - Color of White Petroleum Products by the Saybolt Chromometer - Determining the Color of Solvents by the Platinum-Cobalt System - Gardner's Method of Determining the Color of Solvents - Determination of the Acid Wash Color of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Sulfur by Lamp (Closed System) - Doctor Test - Determination of Sulfur in Petroleum Products - Heavier than Illuminating Oils - Qualitative Detection of Sulfur Gases in Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Detection of Thiophene in Benzene - Ash and Water-Soluble Ash Content of Petroleum Oils - Cloud and Pour Points of Petroleum Products (Dilute Pour Point) - Detecting Oxidizable Matter in Solvents (Permanganate Test) - Permanaganate Time Test (Improved Visual Method) - Holde Hard Asphalt Test - Determination of the Gumming Properties of Gasoline by Means of a Copper Dish - Determination of Water in Petroleum Products by the Karl Fischer Reagent - Determination of Water in Hydrocarbon Gases by the Karl Fischer Reagent - Acidity of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Determination of the Unsaponifiable Matter in, and the Neutralization Number of, Naphthenic Acids - Aniline Point - Wijs' Iodine Number - Bromine Number (Lewis and Bradstreet Method) - Determination of the Bromine Index of Xylene - Determination of the Available Cyclopentadiene and Methylcyclopentadienes in Dimers - Determination of Cyclopentadiene in Isoprene - Determination of the Total Conjugated Diolefin Content of Isoprene - Complete Analysis of Distilled Isobutylene by Infrared Spectrometry - Solubility of Pentachlorophenol in Petroleum Oils - Determination of Lower Ketones - Determination of the Alcohol Content by Acetylation - Water Dilution of Alcohol - Determination of Alcohol Content by Specific Gravity - Test for Mixed Alcohols (Hydroxyl Number) - Acetone in Isopropyl Alcohol by Ultraviolet Spectrometry - Ester Content of Solvents - Tests for Specification Grades of Ethyl Ether - Determination of the Carbonyl Compounds in Petrochemical Products (Carbonyl Number) - Determination of Peroxides in Isopropyl Ether - Peroxide Number of Petroleum Products - Determination of the Residual Odor of Heavy Petroleum Solvents - Amino-Type Inhibitors in Gasoline - Determination of tert-Butylcatechol Inhibitor in Unsaturated Heavy Hydrocarbons - Flash Point by the Tag Open Cup-a-Naphthol in Ether - Sampling and Testing Lacquer Solvents and Diluents - Index -

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