Focus on Learning Technologies

Focus on Learning Technologies PDF Author: Nicky Hockly
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0194002926
Category : Study Aids
Languages : en
Pages : 182

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Book Description
Focus on Learning Technologies helps teachers understand the role of digital technologies in supporting language learning for second or foreign language learners aged 5–18. Drawing on research with school-age learners, the book equips teachers with the knowledge necessary to make effective and principled decisions about choosing and using learning technologies in their own language classes. The book provides an accessible overview of key research studies on learning technologies, considers examples from real classroom practice, and provides activities to help teachers relate the content to their own teaching contexts. Additional online resources at Nicky Hockly is Director of Pedagogy at award-winning online training and development organisation The Consultants-E ( Oxford Key Concepts Series Advisers: Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada

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