Secrets of Numerology

Secrets of Numerology PDF Author: Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D.
ISBN: 9788120784727
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Pages : 267

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Book Description
Numerology -- the science of numbers -- delves into the world where numbers take a profound meaning. It is one of the easiest branches of occult sciences that one can learn and follow. Each number corresponds with special characteristics that can influence the personality and destiny of an individual. You can interpret your numerological patter, select your key numbers and chalk out a roadmap that leads to happiness and prosperity. In this book two famous numerologists team up to reveal the meaning of numbers in people's lives. Among the book's features are real-life examples; information on major and minor numbers; working numerical charts and help on personal and professional fronts. So take this journey of self-discovery of numbers and add it all up to live a better life.