It is extremely frustrating once you get a server IP address that couldn’t be found error when trying to access a website. It is a common problem that occurs in Google Chrome browse. Most of the time, the problem is related to the Domain Name Server (DNS) server settings. Additionally, there are many other reasons why this problem occurs, and there are lots of ways to fix it. When you attempt to access a website, the browser connects to a DNS, and the server then sorts out the name of the website to an IP address. When an error occurs, the DNS lookup fails, and consequently, the browser fails to search the host’s requested website location.

The error server IP address could not be found can be fixed by flushing the computer’s DNS. You want to click on the start button and go to the search box and type CMD and input. Following that, a black colour command prompt window will appear, where you have to type ipconfid/flushdns and tab input. I will most probably correct the error. You can also change the internet’s DNS servers. To change the IP addresses of the DNS setting, you need to go to chrome ip address could not be found and click on Network and Sharing Center. You have to click on the internet connection and open properties. You may see Internet Protocol Version 4, so you need o double click it.

After that, a new box will appear, where you have to enter as the preferred DNS server. Then, you want to again enter as the alternative DNS server. You need to click on the exit option, but before exiting, check the Validate setting. Then you will need to click the OK button to save the settings. After the process is done, you need to restart your computer. The procedure will solve the server IP address could not be found an error.

If the error still occurs as the host IP address could not be found, you can check the internet connection or fix network problems like update network drivers. You can even check the proxy settings, and if the problem is still not solved, you may always check the Wi-Fi link. When there is no internet data, you may encounter this sort of error.

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